You can now earn yourself a Leila Alexander Portrait session just for telling your friends about us and your experience if you're a client!  Referral rewards have been something just for past clients in the past, but I think that EVERY woman should have this experience and I'm happy to help you get in here for your first, second or tenth portrait experience!! Here's how it works:

  • Fill out the form at the bottom of the page.
  • I'll get you all set up in the VIP Referral Rewards program.
  • Start telling all of your friends about Leila Alexander Portraits, sending them my website, showing them your own images, tell them how much fun it was!  How involved you want to get with referring is totally up to you.  Don't be pushy, do be authentic!
  • Make sure they give me your name so that I can make sure you get the credit!  If they don't tell me you referred them, I won't know to credit you!
  • For every friend that books, shoots and pays off their invoice in full, you’ll receive a $100 referral credit. Yep, $100!!

Here’s the no-so-fine print:

  • I can only reward ONE person for the referral, so make sure they like you best and give me your name!!
  • Credit is only given after your friend has paid their final balance. No credit is given if said friend books and then backs out. Or books, orders and doesn't pay.  Or any number of situations that don't end with a great shoot and a fully paid order.
  • Rewards can only be given if your friend orders $750 or more (before tax).
  • Referral credits may be used towards a new session only. The credit cannot be used towards a past or current session (if you're booked, but the session hasn't happened yet).
  • There is NO cash value for referral credits. Credit only.
  • Credits are good for 2 years from the date it was given.

Please let me know if you have any questions about the VIP Rewards Program!  I'm here to help.  =)

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