In one of my latest weirdo ideas, I've decided to have another giveaway! I haven't even shot the session from the last blog giveaway and did a mini-giveaway on Facebook (FANtastic Friday giveaways on the 1st Friday of every month!), but today's a special day. Want to know why? I have good hair today! Truly! I do! I didn't even do anything to it! No product, no styling, no messing. It's just good! I wore it down to the studio for my appointments, including a session, and my favorite of all favorite hair stylists, Chelsea, said that she had NEVER seen me with my hair down. Do y'all know how often I work with Chelsea? Weekly! Often several times per week! This is sad. So it was a good day for this Hampton Roads boudoir photographer! I got to channel some of my clients' sexy energies into my hair. =)

So anyway, new giveaway! It's for a $100 SSB gift certificate for your next session! It'll run for a couple of weeks and there's even a way you can enter every day, so get to it! =)