Hey y'all!  It's been a loooong time since I last posted a session, so I thought I'd start this one off with one of my favorite clients!  Meet Ms. A.  =)

Why did you decide to book your boudoir session?  Why did you choose Seriously Sexy Boudoir? I was sent a Seriously Sexy Boudoir Living Social deal link by a friend who knew that I had done another boudoir session previously and hadn't been very happy with the results.  It was such a good deal that I couldn't pass it up!  I went to the Seriously Sexy webpage and saw the photos, liked what I saw, and bought a session!

How do you feel about your session experience and your images? Leila does a consult with you prior to your actual photo shoot which, after having done this once before, I can say is a great idea.  I brought some of my outfits and little jewelry and shoes with me to show her what I was thinking and we discussed my style and where I wanted the photos to go for about an hour.  This made me much more comfortable on the actual day of the shoot (two weeks later) with Leila as my photographer in limited clothing... She also has a huge binder full of poses and boudoir ideas where you choose your favorite poses.  This was great because it allowed us both to see what my particular style is and make sure I got the shots I really wanted which is NOT how my previous session went.  This one was so much more oriented by me and my comfort and style level.

If you opted for it, how was it having your makeup done by Kristine Marie Artistry and your hair done by Chelsea Styles?  Would you recommend to other ladies to have the professional hair and/or makeup as well? I did get my hair and makeup done on-site which was great.  The first time I did boudoir I had to run across town and get my hair done, etc.  This way, I was already at the studio and only had to walk across the hall.  It was much less stressful and there was less time and opportunity for my hair to get messed up before we started taking photographs.  I would recommend that everyone go ahead and splurge and pay for the hair and makeup.  I am fairly good with makeup but it looked phenominal when the ladies Leila provided did it, they do it professionally and made my eyes really pop for the photos.

How do you look in your portraits compared to how you normally look in photos? I typically photograph fairly well but these photos make me look like a Victoria's Secret model which, normally, I do not.  I don't tend to wear a lot of makeup and I don't often style my hair more than once or twice a week.  Usually it's no make up and buns or braids for me so these photos made me into a sexy little vixen and I loved it!

Do you feel like the images and service you received from Seriously Sexy Boudoir was worth what you paid for it? How so? Yes.  I have spent A LOT of money on these photos but they make me really happy.  I ordered a large all out photo book with a leather cover (the Siren album).  The pages are beautiful and pearlized and lay flat.  I also ordered around 10 photographs to have professionally framed.  These are on a pearlized photo paper and came pretty quickly and packed well for protection.

Any thoughts or advice for ladies who are thinking about having a session, but aren't quite sure if they're ready or brave enough? I agree with Leila, all women deserve to get all dolled up at least once in their lives and feel like they are a model.  It doesn't matter what type of body you have, a professional and skilled photographer will know how to pose you and take your photographs to get your best angle and side.  If there are particular things you don't want to focus on you can always let your photographer know and photo editing can take care of other small imperfections.  I love love love LOVE my photographs and I have my pretty framed prints hanging in my bedroom over my dresser, I see them every morning when I pick out my clothes and they remind me that I am beautiful before I start the day.  I may not look like that every day of the week but I know that with a little effort, I could, and that's what counts!

Would you recommend the Seriously Sexy experience to other women? Why or why not? Yes!  And I have!  When I had my photos framed at Michael's, several of the girls there loved my photos so much that they wrote down the information for Seriously Sexy because they wanted to have their photos done.  I have also talked two of my co-workers into having a session!  The difference is that Leila REALLY loves what she does and it shows in her work and in her excitement during the shoot.  She would take a photo and be so excited she would squeal and show it to me talking about how gorgeous the photos were - it made the shoot so much fun and I knew she was really excited about what she was doing - So yes!  I would recommend Seriously Sexy Boudoir and I do!

Thanks so much for allowing me to share your gorgeous images, Ms. A!  As always, all of the images on my website have been hand-picked by clients with a signed custom model release, so there are never any surprises as to what's posted on the blog!  My clients' privacy is of the utmost importance to me.  =)