Hey y'all!  Time for another seriously sexy boudoir session!  Meet Ms. A.  =)

Why did you decide to book your boudoir session?  Why did you choose Seriously Sexy Boudoir? I lost 25 lbs and was very excited about it.  Your pictures were some of the best I have seen in the area and I am very picky.

How do you feel about your session experience and your images? Amazing.  I feel so much sexier and have a much better body image since them.

If you opted for it, how was it having your makeup done by Kristine Marie Artistry and your hair done by Chelsea Styles?  Would you recommend to other ladies to have the professional hair and/or makeup as well? I would def recommend the pampering.  It was so much fun.

How do you look in your portraits compared to how you normally look in photos? I look like a totally different person but not so much different that it's a big deal.

Do you feel like the images and service you received from Seriously Sexy Boudoir was worth what you paid for it? How so? Yes, def.  I viewed some of my friends from a competitive photographer and there was just something about the quality of editing and posing that just stood out.

Would you recommend the Seriously Sexy experience to other women? Why or why not? Yes, and I have many many times over.

Thanks so much for allowing me to share your gorgeous images, Ms. A!  As always, all of the images on my website have been hand-picked by clients with a signed custom model release, so there are never any surprises as to what's posted on the blog!  My clients' privacy is of the utmost importance to me.  =)