This session was super fun for me for so many reasons. One is that I've known Mrs S since I was 16! And no, I'm not telling you how long ago that was (not THAAAAT long ago). Two is that this was my first session in my new studio space! And three is because Mrs S is the most gorgeous woman I've ever seen at 8 months! She's due any day and I can't wait to meet the new addition. My favorite part of the shoot was at the end when we were wrapping everything up. It was a later shoot than I usually do and we were finishing up at about 5pm. I mentioned that I was a bit tired because of a long day and because boudoir photography is a workout on BOTH sides of the camera! Mrs S made my day by saying, "really? I'm really energized! I never have this much energy at 5pm any more!"

Though the purpose behind the session was her husband's birthday (and yes, he loved the images!), I'm glad that Mrs S felt like she got something out of it as well. I mean, cause really, we SAY boudoir sessions are for our significant others, but we all know they're really for us. =)