When my dear friend R started asking me innocent questions about my boudoir sessions, I could tell she was already hooked on the idea!  And sure enough, it wasn't long until we were planning her shoot!  Of course, I think her husband might have been doing a little encouraging on the side.  =)  Speaking of her husband, they celebrate their 20 year anniversary this year!  SO AWESOME!!  Maybe a good excuse for another boudoir session..... We had such a fun time during her shoot.  We blasted some music and rocked out while we flew through the posing and primping and shooting.  Even though she was nervous at the beginning, she quickly warmed up and was able to let her hair down and cut loose.  And just look at that beautiful Irish hair!  And that smile!  Totally reminds me of Julia Roberts.

Thanks so much for allowing me to share your pictures, R!  You're gorgeous.  =)