As I mention pretty frequently, my client’s privacy and comfort are so very important to me. Each client is asked if she’s comfortable sharing any of her images on the website, but often, my ladies either aren’t comfortable doing so or have other reasons for wanting their images to be private. Of course, this is ALWAYS totally fine with me! Today, I’m lucky enough to be able to feature Ms. S’s thoughts about her session and one beautiful headshot! Thanks so much for sharing, Ms. S!!

Gorgeous head shot from Leila Wylie Portraits

Why did you decide to book your boudoir session?  Why did you choose Leila Wylie for your modern boudoir session? I hadn't even thought of boudoir photography until I saw the Groupon and checked out your website!  I absolutely fell in love with your images!

How do you feel about your session experience and your images? The session experience was like none other; I felt excited and nervous all rolled into one.  Once I met you and Markia, I immediately felt comfortable and had soooo much fun!!  The images literally blew my mind!  It made me see that I actually could be sexy and totally gave me a self-confidence booster!  Not to mention the reaction I got from my husband - OMG! ;)

If you opted for it, how was it having your hair and makeup professionally done by Markia Nicole?  Would you recommend to other ladies to have the professional hair and/or makeup as well? WELL worth it!!  I never wear makeup nor do up my hair so the finished product was STUNNING!  She knew just how to work with my facial features, eyes, and hair to create the most flattering look!

How do you look in your portraits compared to how you normally look in photos? WELL!  I honestly don't take photos often but these photos caught me on ALL my best sides, using all the right lighting and shadows.  I was so impressed!  I had no idea my eyes were that beautiful!! :D

Do you feel like the images and service you received from Leila was worth what you paid for it? How so? The images are AMAZING and professional photos are not cheap no matter what but I got an awesome deal.  It is not like this is something I'm going to do all the time so I just really went all out!

Any thoughts or advice for ladies who are thinking about having a session, but aren't quite sure if they're ready or brave enough? You will be surprised at how comfortable you will feel and how easy it really is.  I was scared too and I have a very low self-image but this was an experience I will never forget.  It has made me realize that I am beautiful, sexy and feminine!!

Would you recommend the modern boudoir experience to other women? Why or why not? ABSOLUTELY!  Without a doubt!  This was an amazing experience that I will NEVER forget!!