Hey there!  Today's my weekly About Me Monday, where you get to learn a bit more about Leila the person and not just Leila the photographer!

Today is where I truly lay it all out there for you and tell you something about myself that I should absolutely, without a doubt maybe keep to myself.  I am a video game geek.  I totally geek out about video games and become wildly obsessed.  BUT!  Only a very certain type of game.  First person role player games set in a fantasy world.  Think knights, dragons, magic, etc.  When I say obsessed, I mean I can play for 6+ hours at a stretch.  NO lie.  Until wee hours of the morning sometimes.  It's been more than once or twice that I've quickly snuck into bed before Stephen gets up with the kids so that he MIGHT not notice that I've been up all night.  Sad, but true.  Of course, he always knows!

Right now, my big time obsession is Dragon Age 2.  Best. Game. Ever.  I'm a huge fan of the entire game series and am absolutely heartbroken that I'm going to have to wait 1-2 years for the next game to (hopefully) come out.

The thing that tips Dragon Age over the top to Best. Game. Ever. is the addition of adding romance to the game. ROMANCE!  In a fighty video game!  Yes!  You can form romances with characters!  Yes, I know, this makes me the geekiest girly girl ever, but I adore it.  In Dragon Age: Origins, I fell in love with Alistair.  Red hair, hot, wildly sarcastic...remind you of anyone?  Oh yeah, that'd be my husband.  =)  Except Alistair fights dragons and darkspawn instead of traffic and noncompliant children.  Surely you can see the allure?

With this game, though, my crush on Alistair has been replaced by a  love for Fenris, a runaway elven slave with magic tattoos.  I think it's the broody moodiness.  I have historically had a thing for brooding, moody men.  Thankfully, I broke that trend with Stephen and married a sweet, even-tempered man.  But surely it's okay to crush on a fictitious and even 100% imaginary character, right?  RIGHT?!  Stephen knows about my crushes and loves me anyway, so that should tell you a lot about what a great man I married.  =)  Brooding moodiness is good for little crushes, but definitely not for life.

Okay, there you go!  I've probably driven away people by the DOZENS by admitting the depths of my nerdiness.  PLEASE say there are those of you out there who feel me on this one, though!  Any other video game fans out there?