I'm so excited that I could burst! I just launched a new website for Seriously Sexy Boudoir and updated the blog design to coordinate. I'm so happy with my new website! It's totally mobile-ready, so feel free to take a peek on your iPhone or iPad! It's 100% Flash-free, so it won't take forever to load and your browser doesn't need any plug-ins to be updated constantly. And (in my humble, but totally accurate opinion), it's SO beautiful! I'm very, very happy to have settled into a design that can grow with the business. Since I JUST launched it, it may take a few hours (up to a day or two) for the new site to come through on your internet/computer. The changes that I made take anywhere from 2-48 hours to propagate across the entire internet (or, as we like to refer to it in our house, "a series of tubes"), so if you go to the website and either see the old site or nothing at all, have no fear! The new and improved website is on its way. =)

As a way to spread my INCREDIBLE joy, everyone who books a boudoir session within the next week will receive a set of two mini accordion albums as my gift! I'm just in the mood to celebrate. =)