Thanks to the crazy successful LivingSocial feature, I have quite a week ahead of me!  As of right now, this week brings nine consults (most in person, some via video chatting or the phone), four sessions and one Studio Unveiling!  That's in addition to the Navy homecoming I'm shoot on Monday via OpLove and the wedding I'm second shooting with Millissa of Dragonfly Photography in Fredericksburg on Saturday with my general portraiture business, Leila Wylie Photography.  Yay!  I love being busy.  =)  Thank goodness for that, right?! Anyway, thanks everyone for your support and for believing in me enough to trust me with taking gorgeous pictures of your gorgeousness.  =)  It means the world to me!  I love my job.  =)

And, of course, this is a photography blog and every post should ideally have a picture (need to be better about this).  So pictures of my family, who will be seeing a bit less of me as I transition from my home office to the new studio!  Boo for seeing less of the kids, yay for being able to have video and phone consultations without children shouting in the background!!  =)