Oh my gosh, I've been so excited to post this session! You may remember Ms J from her sexy sneak peek. Let me tell you, Ms J is seriously gorgeous, but she's crazy smart and super, super sweet as well! While the album of her boudoir session was for her husband (they're just out of newlywed-status!), I felt like I got as much out of the session as he did as I had such a great time! Ms. J totally schooled Kristine (my preferred makeup artist) and I on some little known and misunderstood facts about the Bible as she studied the history of the Bible extensively at college. Totally fascinating! I'm such a nerd that I LOVE getting little history lessons in at random times. =) Anyway, on with the pictures, as I know that's REALLY why you're here! Thanks so much, Ms. J for allowing me to share your gorgeousness!

Beautiful Hampton Roads client during her seriously sexy boudoir session