Hey there!  Thanks for stopping by the new site of Seriously Sexy Boudoir!  You're reading the first post of my new boudoir blog and I'm so excited!  I'm not always the best about blogging with clockwork regularity, but I promise to do my best and to show you some of the sexiest ladies in Hampton Roads.  =) That said, I'm currently running a casting call for boudoir models of all ages, sizes and shapes!  For a limited time, you'll score a FREE 1-2 hour boudoir shoot where I'll show you just how sexy you REALLY ARE!  All that I need from you is your permission to share the images in the way that best suits you.  The options are print portfolio only, "anonymous" shots (images where your face isn't shown) and full-speed ahead (permission to use any photo).  You'll be able to approve each shot in advance, so I'll never post anything that you haven't specifically given me the thumbs up on.

Anyway, shoot me an email if you're interested!  I pretty much have immediate availability and a small studio location that we can use.  =)  I can't wait to work with you soon!