Hello friends! Today is CRAZY busy for me as the it's last day to order in time for Christmas with my rush service, so lots of Studio Unveilings and a few consultations thrown in there. Plus I have several albums to design, files to prep, etc, etc. So today's post is a quickie. =) Today's Mix Tape Monday! That's my semi-weekly (emphasis on the "semi") music series.  I share music I love, songs that have made their way into my sessions or just other randomness.  =) I like seeing what other people are listening to and wanted to join the fun! Let me know what's been on your playlist a bunch lately, the songs that make you feel amazing or that you just love!

My new favorite band is American Aquarium from Raleigh. They're a really rockin' alt.country band that I've come to adore. I think of their music as being similar to Lucero and early Drive-by Truckers. My husband and I are going to see them in Richmond next month and I seriously CANNOT wait. I know they're going to put on the best live show!!

They're raising funds for their next record, so if you like what you hear and want to throw a few bucks into the pot, you can score a digital copy of the record when it comes out for a mere $10. I'm just saying, they pretty much rock and I can't wait to get the record when it comes out. =)

American Aquarium - Katherine Belle

"She comes busting through like a hurricane at midnight She comes busting through like she bought the place She was just a wolf in thrift-store clothing Till that sheepish smile ran over her face She stood up and said "which one of you boys, Which one of you boys is buying my drink" She started cussing like a backrow Baptist, I started wondering what my mama would think about

Katherine Belle, I hope you're doing well Please don't break my heart

Well we started drinking those whiskey and gingers We drank so much we almost drowned The jukebox was singing like a choir on Sunday I did the Boss, she did a mean James Brown All of her friends, they tried to warn me They said that horse is too wild to tame So I took a shot and I worked out the courage To say "baby girl let's start with your name"

She woke up on the wrong side of her bed I woke up on the wrong side of town She went to work and I went to Georgia I wonder if she'll be there the next time around"