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10 Quick & Dirty Reasons to do a Boudoir Session

So, you're thinking about booking a boudoir photo shoot. If you actually do need a reason, boy, do I have some for you! Ten, in fact, and they're good ones.

1. You’ve got it, so flaunt it. Real talk, but I guarantee there's at least two features on your body that you really, really like. Those features are worth memorializing, and photos are faster than marble sculptures. Get it, goddess.

2. You lost or gained weight, and are really feelin’ your new bod. However it happened, this is a whole new look for you, and you have never felt sexier. I'd say that calls for celebration, wouldn't you?

3. Photos of you are too few and far between. You spend so much time snapping photos of other people during all your good times and memories, and yet don’t have a single photo of yourself besides the selfies on your camera, which you are probably needlessly touching up even as we speak. Time to fix that.

4. You’re sick of comparing yourself to other women. Everyone does it, and everyone feels worse afterward. And then everyone goes to their friends, and their friends reassure them that they're crazy, because they are. You have been this friend, and I am going to be this friend to you now. Seeing how amazing you truly look in gorgeous real life is the best cure for toxic comparison that I know of. And every time you look at your own boudoir photos forever after, you'll get a booster shot.

5. You have a new tattoo. I mean, you are already a work of art, and now it's official. We've got to get you on a gallery wall, even if it's only in your own home. Work that good deserves to be seen, and you can't exactly be whipping your top off or dropping your drawers every time you want to show off your good taste.

6. You’re getting divorced. There are literally dozens of reasons to do this for yourself right now, but you should also know that I've gone through a tough divorce and am always up for listening to a venting session, so that can be arranged. You started this journey feeling glamorous and special, and you should finish it that way too.

7. You’re single and loving it. Some of the most powerful and graceful shoots we've ever done have been with happily single women. When you feel like Queen of the World, it's hard to hide that from the camera. Do it for you and savor every second.

8. You’re ready to feel like You again. Listen, sometimes life is rough, and it's common during rough times to lose touch with who you are. Maybe you've been through a lot, maybe you had to give too much, maybe you’ve even questioned your whole identity. A boudoir shoot can help you reconnect with the person you were, or are, or have become.

9. You’re nervous in public or camera-shy. You may have heard of immersion therapy, where exposure to thing you fear cures you of that fear. Well, I'm no therapist, but after biting the bullet and baring it all for the immortal lens, you’ll definitely never feel the same way in front of a camera again.

10. You’re worth it, now and forever. You don't have to change or wait for things to be perfect, and there's no qualifications for sign-up. Just bring your fabulous self, some favorite lingerie or some other cute duds, and we’ll take care of everything else, down to your hair and makeup. You are perfect now, and you deserve this.

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