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Seven Things You Need to Stop Saying To Yourself and Book Your Boudoir Session Already.

1. I want to lose weight first (aka: I want to continue to beat myself up about a spirit crushing thing for ...oh....eternity.)

We get it. It's a weight obsessed culture but here's a truth for you: it is TOTALLY OKAY to love yourself right now. Today. As you are. If you asked our bombshells to share their comfort level with their weight at the time of their boudoir shoot, most would tell you they had the some of the same reservations. Here's the thing, all of that waiting and punishing yourself for who you aren't cheats you out of embracing who you are. Bonus: I can do more to showcase your gorgeousness using lighting, angles and poses than most women can get after 6 months of grueling work at the gym. Who among us hasn't spent an hour trying to get the perfect selfie only to delete them all because reasons? Girl. We have all been there and it's hard on your self esteem, which makes you more reluctant to treat yourself with kindness and then whoosh - you're in a spiral. 

I am here to celebrate YOU. That means your unique shape, your amazing features - you on your best day. When you see yourself through a professional lens, and you see how you shine, it can be a game changer to your self esteem and lift you in ways you will love for days/weeks/months after. In my entire career I have never once had a client say "oh, gosh. I didn't realize I looked so fat," but I've had hundreds say "I had no idea I looked that hot. None. Zero." 

2. I don't have anyone to share these with.

Do you have a mirror? Then you have someone to share these with. 

You may or may not have a partner, a spouse, a lover or a friend to share these photos with and that is okay. You can have this experience of feeling sexy and strong in your own skin and never show the pictures to another soul or you may find that the confidence you gain from the day may light a fire in your spirit that will never again be quashed. Either way, if you haven't yet discovered that you can 100% sign your own permission slip, please see me after class. 

3. I'm too old.

I generally like my clients to be today years old. Seriously, age is not a thing. I've had the pleasure of photographing grandmothers whose photographs were so hot I thought they might spontaneously combust.  Unless you've got a magic pill in your pocket, we are all aging and last time I checked beauty doesn't carry and ID card as a qualifier. If you've managed to make it this far in your life and you haven't done a boudoir shoot yet, it is time to treat yourself. Imagine how nice it will be to FINALLY see yourself as the sexy bombshell you are and how doubly nice it will be when you do another shoot in a year and realize you're actually getting hotter. 

4. I don't own the right clothes.

You know you don't need any, right? We can do a white sheet photo session, or you can raid my generously filled client wardrobe closet. Some of my favorite clients wore sports jerseys, a man's dress shirt, covered their bits with a hat or held a soft blanket and a cup of coffee. Don't stress and don't worry. I have you covered (or's all you, lady friend). 

5. I don't like my "insert body part here."

I feel you. But here's the thing. I asked my bombshells to share their stories and I was knocked out by how many women said their vision of themselves changed dramatically when they saw their photos. Women who never noticed their dimples or how wonderfully their eyes showed mischief. Women who didn't realize how beautiful their shoulders were, or that they elegant necks and gorgeous strands of hair that shimmered in the sunlight. You are more than the sum of your parts. Trust me when I say I can see the true you, and you're beautiful. You'll see too. 

6. I am uncomfortable in front of the camera and I don't know any poses.

Girl, join the club! Many of my bombshells pin some inspiration poses or styled shots that speak to them, and bring those with them to their boudoir shoot, others start each session by spending a few minutes looking through the pose book which includes past clients. Once I get a sense of what speaks to you, I can guide you through any number of poses that will highlight your best features. To be honest, some of my bombshells favorite shots didn't come out of a pose book or Pinterest. They just sort of happen in that wonderful space when everyone feels comfortable and happy. That's when I can truly help you tuck your fingers in just so, and move your chin just a millimeter to capture the perfect smolder. 

7. I have all these jiggly parts/scars/baby stripes/freckles.

Girlfriend, we ALL do. There is not a woman alive that doesn't have something on her body she doesn't want photographed. I will let you in on a secret - I don't believe in cellulite. I believe in lighting. I believe in angles. I believe in years of training and experience and I believe in the teensiest bit of filters to bring out the best of your true you. Boudoir shoots aren't about hiding the .01% of your body you don't like, they're about celebrating the 99.9% of you that's hot AF. These images, raw and right off the camera will change the way you see yourself and for the better. You deserve that. 


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