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Why Your Age is the Right Age for Boudoir

You may be under the common misapprehension that boudoir photos are only for young, super-hot, super-thin models. That choosing to commemorate the way you look is something that only happens at a certain age. Well, NOTHING could be further from the truth. Here’s why doing a boudoir shoot is the perfect choice for whatever decade of life you’re in!

20s— One of the great ironies of a woman’s life is that she often feels the most self-critical during the decade that her skin and hair and other things look their best. Not too many life-altering events have happened yet, and you’re still young enough not to have to worry about frown lines or gravity. These are things you don’t really appreciate until later, so it can really change the trajectory of your self-confidence to be able to appreciate that now— and there’s no better way to do that then with the photoshoot that shows you at your best.

30s— For most women, this is the decade where we really start understanding our own currency. Boundaries get firmer, preferences and opinions stronger, and we’re generally better acquainted with ourselves. Plus, we have the experience necessary to put these ideas into action; combine that with increased libido, and we are generally feeling ourselves like never before. This peak meeting of confidence and energy creates some truly sizzling photos.

40s— Take everything I said about your 30s and double it. A woman is really coming into her power in this decade, and although skin is starting to show some signs of age, it still looks a lot more luminous than many women give themselves credit for. Think about a lioness in golden afternoon light and you get a pretty good idea of why boudoir photos during this decade can be so amazing.

50s— You’ve heard people talk about the beauty that comes with wisdom. Well, it’s a real thing and starts kicking in right about now. There’s a light in the sparkle to the eyes when a woman has truly learned to embrace herself. The French venerate their une femme d'un certain âge— “woman of a certain age”—as the fierce sensual goddesses they are, and so should we.

60s and beyond— I always say that there is no expiration date on sexy, and this is also true of both femininity and a woman’s strength. Those deserve to be celebrated at every age and every stage of life. Just as there is no one way to be beautiful, there is one no time for beauty. It is always there; we just have to be willing to look.

Don’t wait for a better time. Your time is now.

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