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Main features include: Aims/Objectives Creates the main aims/objectives for your mission. They are designed to be the first thing a player sees. Some objectives may be vague, or only a single term. These should be simple enough to be understood by the average player. To avoid ambiguity, you should also include a definition. Troops This is the core of your mission. A group of men, women or animals which you wish to take from one place to another. The list of troops here contains the specific members of the group, their class and equipment, and their starting equipment. Equipment A set of equipment you wish to bring to your troops. Each equipment item can be assigned to a specific troop, and controlled separately by its owner. In a single mission, each soldier may have several assigned equipment items at once, which can be in use or not in use at any time. Equipment items can be broken, lost or destroyed. A single unit might be equipped with several different pieces of equipment. If a piece of equipment is lost, then the unit loses the ability to use it. Vehicles Vehicles are used to move troops around, or to help them attack the enemy. A vehicle can be assigned to a troop or even to a single soldier. A vehicle can be equipped with a number of different weapons, and can be destroyed by shooting it. Aims/Objectives should be clearly defined. They are the first thing a player will see in the mission editor, and you want them to be understood, so you need to make them crystal clear. A good starting template to work with is to give each troop a specific goal. Troops should be equipped and trained to achieve their goal. The reason for this is that it helps you to stay organized. For example: You can put a fixed number of mortar shells in your Troops, and see how they are used. Or you can build your team so that they take the most damage from incoming fire. There are also other details you might want to consider. Example: There are several types of orders your troops can give to the enemy. If your troops are trained to say “Attack!”, it will be easier for you to make the enemy targets to attack. A good example would be the difference between: “Attack!” “Attack him!” “Attack the enemy!”. Instead of



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Arma 3 Tools Crack Download Pc Kickass harphi

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