Here are a few raves that clients have been sweet enough to send.
Thanks so much, ladies!! 

From Miss R:

"I wanted to thank you for what you have done for me! This is such a confidence booster! I feel awesome and it really is all because of you! I completely believe in what you're doing for women! I really do love the pictures and will be back for wedding Boudoir and maternity! I can not wait! Thank you Leila!"

From Miss L:

"I absolutely LOVE Leila and my photos! She is so great! Not only is she an amazing photographer, but she is so sweet and fun! I have never felt so beautiful! Leila and SSB are worth every penny! I cannot wait to do this again with her! I have given her name to EVERYONE I know who is interested in boudoir!!"

From Miss A:

"This experience more than exceeded my expectations! I was hesitant and nervous about my appointment but the photographer, Leila, made everything wonderful and comfortable and walked me through EVERYTHING!! She has the perfect personality for this job and it's fantastic that you can recognize how much she loves her job and work! Her excitement was contagious and wiped away my nervousness. I am very pleased by how my session turned out. I was able to have an "unveiling" the day after my shoot! I absolutely can not wait to get everything I ordered back. I was a little iffy about purchasing the hair and makeup option but am so glad I did! I have never felt so gorgeous and wonderful! I love how Leila takes photos of you that are timeless and beautiful! I wanted to buy everything that came out! I can not wait to do this again. :-)"

From Miss R:

"It was a fantastic experience and I don’t think I ever felt as feminine as I did in your studio that day. You reminded me that first and foremost I am a woman and that has had an impact on me ever since. It know it is nuts but I feel good about me and that came from you. I cannot thank you enough. I also enjoyed our chats about kids and life. You are an amazing woman and I am so happy to have met you."

From Miss H:

"What a fabulous experience! Leila is gifted, talented, easy, and professional. I decided to do a shoot on a whim, way out of my comfort zone. I'm a little overweight, very conservative, and smack in the middle of middle-aged. A tough client for Leila in my opinion. However, WOW!!! I LOVE the photos and now want to tell the world about them! I have them on my phone as a personal reminder of how sexy I really am. And it's true! I wholeheartedly recommend doing this, and definitely do the hair and makeup as well. I never would have done my own makeup especially the way it was done for these photos. Do it, do it, do it!!!!"

From Miss A:

"Leila is AMAZING! She is so sweet and fabulous at what she does! I was in from out of town and she worked with me and my crazy schedule. So grateful! The shoot was comfortable, fun, and most importantly sexy. ;) Definitely consider having your hair and makeup done. It adds just an extra special touch! If you want to something extra special for the special someone in your life doing a shoot with Leila is the way to go!"

From Miss C:

"All I can say is, this was an amazing experience for me. I have never done anything like this and I am the typical 41 year old lady. I take good care of myself, but I am no Demi Moore! When I looked at my pictures, it made me cry. They are amazing, sexy, beautiful, etc. Leila made me feel comfortable and confident and I want to show everyone how hot I am! If you have ever thought about doing this Leila is the perfect person!"

From Miss W:

"Leila Wylie is AMAZING!!! She has a gift for photography, specifically boudoir. She was very professional and works with great makeup and hair stylists, too. I will, without a doubt, recommend her to everyone I can!!! My pictures were 100% better than what I ever dreamed they would be. The entire experience was fabulous!"

From Miss M:

"What a fun time! Very personable photographer with a real passion for her pictures. Worth it!"

From Miss N:

"I had an amazing experience. Leila put me at ease immediately. Had so much fun."

From Miss D:

"This was such a great experience! The photographer was awesome and I really felt like she loves what she does. The photos were truly beautiful!"

From Miss G:

"Absolutely a fantastic experience!! Can't wait for the next one!!"

From Miss S:

"I have suggested and recommended this to everyone I know due to the wonderful and amazing experience I had."

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