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Beautiful and catchy phrase here

Boudoir photography for women who need to be reminded how hot they are, in and around Hampton Roads, VA

Hardly any bravery required!

Too busy putting everyone else first?

I get it. As women, we spend so much time cheering on our loved ones that we don't always take the time to build ourselves up. When we look at the people closest to us, we go out of our way to find things to compliment.  But when we look in the mirror, that inner 'mean girl' only points out the things we don't like.  And that's some bullshit. We don't see the gorgeous, capable badass that others already see. You deserve to give yourself the same love that you give to everyone else.

  • Always putting everyone else first and yourself last?

  • Worried you are too big, too old, too whatever for boudoir? 

  • Thinking you'll be the ONE Boudoir Bombshell we've ever had who doesn't love her images?

Ture you boudoir-woman-photography-5-2.jpg
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You are beautiful, too!


Too many women find it easy to see the beauty in others, but struggle to see it in themselves.

We help you step back and see the hotness that everyone else does. 

So that you can walk away from your boudoir session feeling confident and as hot as hell, today and everyday.

Customer Testimonial Instagram Post-2.png
Customer Testimonial Instagram Post-2.png




These pictures reminded me that the scale doesn’t define me or what beauty is. I now see myself for the goddess that I am. I love me! I can honestly say that now.



I was sure being an “old lady” who was overweight with grey hair and no boobs wouldn’t be sexy. Boy, was I wrong! One of the best experiences I’ve ever had!



Being a 50-year-old plus-sized woman, I was a little nervous about how I would look. But I decided to do this as a way to celebrate ME! Right away, it felt like I was hanging out with friends I’ve known for years. They were amazing in bringing out my best features and all the hotness!



Owner + Lead Photographer

I am a 40+ female-empowering badass with a camera and I've spent the last 11 years helping women find their inner goddess.

I fell in love with boudoir when I had my own first session. Seeing those images was the first time I realized I had completely lost myself in the daily routine of being a mom and wife. It helped me realize that I’m still a sexy, competent, amazing WOMAN!

I can’t wait to reveal the gorgeous woman you are underneath the roles and self-critical filters that have built up over the years.

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