Hey y'all!  Meet Ms. T.  =)

Why did you decide to book your boudoir session?  Why did you choose Seriously Sexy Boudoir? The deal on groupon couldn't be passed up. Plus I wanted to do something fun and sexy for myself and my boyfriend.

How do you feel about your session experience and your images? Wonderful experience. I felt beautiful the whole time and the photos came out amazing.

If you opted for it, how was it having your makeup done by Markia Nicole?  Would you recommend to other ladies to have the professional hair and/or makeup as well? I loved getting my makeup done it made me feel like I was actually a model getting preped. I would definitely recommend it.

How do you look in your portraits compared to how you normally look in photos? My photos made me catch my breath. I knew it was me but the person in the photos had no flaws and was stunning.

Do you feel like the images and service you received from Seriously Sexy Boudoir was worth what you paid for it? How so? I definitely think it was worth it. It may have been more then my budget at the time allowed but I have no regrets. It was a wonderful experience.

Any thoughts or advice for ladies who are thinking about having a session, but aren't quite sure if they're ready or brave enough? Doesn't matter what your current state as a woman is. Whether you're old and have wrinkles or are overweight. There is always a need to feel beautiful as a woman and taking these photos is a good way to feel gorgeous.

Would you recommend the Seriously Sexy experience to other women? Why or why not? I definitely would recommend it. I had a lot of fun.

Thanks so much for allowing me to share your gorgeous images, Ms. T!  As always, all of the images on my website have been hand-picked by clients with a signed custom model release, so there are never any surprises as to what's posted on the blog!  My clients' privacy is of the utmost importance to me.  =)