Expose the World to Your Hotness!


The Experience

Girl, we've been in your shoes!

That's why we do everything we do so that you'll feel beautiful and confident about your session! It's okay if you're nervous! You can just roll in with your jammies on and we'll take care of the rest!


Our all female team has got you covered from hair and makeup, what to wear (including access to our amazing Client Wardrobe), posing, expressions, everything! I basically just boss you around (nicely!) the whole time, so you don't have to worry about how to look sexy!


We laugh, we dance to fun music, we get the most amazing pictures of yourself you've ever seen! You're going to walk out feeling like you could take over the world, so be sure to make plans that night to expose the world to your hotness!​


"Be the girl who just went for it."


Boudoir Gallery

(Yes, all of these are real clients, no models! 
Everyday women just like you and me.)


Meet Leila

I am a female-empowering badass with a camera who loves nothing more than my family and helping women find their inner goddess.


I fell in love with boudoir 12 years ago when I had my own first session. Seeing those pictures was the first time I realized I had completely lost myself in the daily routine of being a mom and wife. 


Boudoir is a way of finding myself under all the layers of the other roles I, as a woman, end up playing. To realize that, even with a husband, three kids, three cats, and a thriving boudoir business, I'm still a sexy, competent, completely amazing WOMAN! I'm just like all of my clients. Just like you...


I can't wait to show you the gorgeous woman that you truly are when we strip away that critical self-filter we ONLY use on ourselves.

Image by Kara Marie Studios


-Rebekah Jones

"Thank you for making me feel pretty for the first time in my life!"


Love notes

Hear if from the lovely ladies themselves!


I had the best experience EVER! Do not worry about your size, do not worry about your angles, do not try to tuck this in or that! Leila and her team will make you feel like the beautiful and sexy woman you ARE!


Leila was amazing through the process though and helped with my outfits. The day of my shoot I felt really good. I knew I was in good hands the moment I walked in. The rest of the day I felt like I was hanging out with friends I had known forever...



I had the absolute best time getting portraits done for my anniversary! I've never had professional photos done and I was nervous. Leila and her stylist were so mellow and relaxed and made my nerves go away... 

"I had THE most amazing time today. I can't wait for my hubby to see the pictures!"

-Amita Norton


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