As I mention pretty frequently, my client’s privacy and comfort are so very important to me. Each client is asked if she’s comfortable sharing any of her images on the website, but often, my ladies either aren’t comfortable doing so or have other reasons for wanting their images to be private. Of course, this is ALWAYS totally fine with me! Today, I’m lucky enough to be able to feature Ms. R’s thoughts about her session! Thanks so much for sharing, Ms. R!!

Why did you decide to book your boudoir session?  Why did you choose Leila Wylie for your modern boudoir session?  How do you feel about your session experience and your images? I knew for a while that I wanted to do boudoir photos as a gift for my amazing boyfriend, but was really unsure of where to go, and if I'd even be comfortable enough with it. I had looked at it felt like TONS of photographers, and either I wasn't really digging their display galleries or they were way out of my price range. I was just about to give up the dream for another year when I stumbled upon Leila Wylie's Groupon and was not only in love with the price of the deal, but was very impressed with the gallery and the quality and look of all of the images, so that's when I pulled the trigger! I'm soooo glad that I did, the pictures look amazing and I felt super comfortable and relaxed the entire time. It was actually a whole lot of fun.

How was it having your hair and makeup professionally done at the studio?  Would you recommend to other ladies to have the professional hair and/or makeup as well?  How do you look in your portraits compared to how you normally look in photos?  I had my hair and makeup professionally done and I am so so so glad that I did. The hair and makeup artist was incredible, and I had never felt more beautiful. Plus, that was one less thing I had to worry about on the days leading up and the day of my shoot. I would have never been able to get myself looking as awesome as I did on my own. I personally felt like I looked like a super model, and looking at my shots now, it's amazing how model-esque I do look, and I know having my hair and makeup professionally done contributed to that.

Do you feel like the images and service you received from Leila was worth what you paid for it? How so?  If your best friend was thinking about having a session, what would you tell her about your experience and why she should or should not come in to work with me for her shoot? The session and the prints were well worth the money. Not only does my boyfriend LOVE the shots, but it gave me a new sense of self-confidence as well. Every time I look at the pictures I look and feel stunning, and sexy, and beautiful. Coming from someone who was nervous and is usually reserved and quiet, it was completely worth it. I would recommend every woman do boudoir photos in her lifetime because its amazing for your self confidence and every woman deserves to feel sexy and beautiful! I have already recommended Leila Wylie to my friends and will continue to as long as I can talk about my experience, which is hopefully for a long time!