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Why Boudoir Can Change Your Life

You've probably never thought of a boudoir photo shoot as a life-changing experience. In fact, it may lie on the other side of such a change in your mind. You might think of it as a “someday” goal: something to do once you've finally accepted yourself, or overcome your shyness, or changed your physical appearance, or found more time for fun. Well, what if I told you that doing a boudoir shoot can actually help you accomplish all of those changes, plus more? Here’s why.

Accepting yourself—This has got to be the single biggest obstacle to dolls booking a photoshoot for themselves. They look at celebrating their bodies as something that happens after they've accepted those bodies. The problem is that their definition of acceptance is off. None of us are ever going to be 100% okay with every single aspect of Who We Are, and at some level, that's a good thing. It's what causes us to strive to improve ourselves. But so many women focus on the things they don't like instead of focusing on what they do like. Doing a boudoir shoot flips that script. Suddenly, all of the focus is on the best, most luscious, juiciest aspects of your person and personality. It's a real eye-opener.

Overcoming your shyness—This may seem counterintuitive, but nothing overcomes shyness like being exposed to the maximum level of it all at once. Shyness is usually based in caution or fear. And when you’re in a room, dressed in next to nothing, in front of a bunch of super-friendly gals taking shots of you from every angle, you reached maximum threshold for all the things a shy person might fear most. But the thing is, once you're in the middle of that, all the fear melts away and gets replaced by Fun. Dozens of shy women come into my studio; zero shy women walk out.

Changing your physical appearance—This is another change with a different solution than you might think and it goes hand-in-hand with accepting yourself. We look into mirrors everyday; we know what we look like. But do we really? If we’re always focusing on the “ worst” bits of ourselves, how can we? Seeing the final, gorgeous photos that come out of a shoot don't change your actual appearance but it does change your ability to see that appearance clearly. So many bombshells have told me that they never realized how gorgeous their legs were or how strong their arms or how fantastic their bosom was until looking at their photos.

Finding more time—We always think we're so busy. It's a national virtue. But the truth is, we find ways to fill the time, taking things on that make us busier than we need to be. Point is, you have plenty of available time; you're just filling it with other things. Committing to a short-term project like a boudoir photography session can show you just how much available time you have; you'll be astonished at how much time it didn't take—probably far less than all those hours spent on Candy Crush.

If you're still not sure, visit my website and see for yourself. Most of those bombshells did not come in feeling like a million dollars, but they sure left feeling like that—and you can, too!

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